Thursday, May 08, 2008

Feeling powerful

I am feeling very powerful this morning.

Powerful in a sense of what I have managed to achieve this morning.

1. Called the stamp duty office and managed to settle an issue with our application. Our lodgement will be processed immediately and we should get our cheque for the stamp duty rebate early next week. Yeah!!! Money coming in!!!

2. Called 3mobile customer care about my handset problem. My phone is still under warranty. So I can go down to the service centre to get it fixed today.

3. Completed our company’s employee satisfaction online survey

4. Ate an apple for mid morning snack. Feeling very healthy about that.

5. Had an excellent call with a client in Hong Kong. Was able to point out some interesting revelations to him about the analytical model we were building for them.

6. Received confirmation that our company news will be included in the June edition of the Research News magazine. The editor also expressed keen interest in our company’s ‘Marketing Science’ concept... so that should put my MD in an excellent mood!

*Grinning happily*

So bring on the afternoon!!!

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