Friday, May 16, 2008

Deja vu

This has been a pretty intense week for me.

Meetings after meetings and planning sessions. Yup folks, it's that time of the year again as my company approaches the end of its financial year (we run from a July to June FY).

What is it about work meetings (or almost any meetings for that matter) that always seem to run over time. We always seem to underestimate the time required for each item on the agenda... or is it just over-ambitiousness of the meeting organiser?

Some of the meetings are quite purposeful. Like presenting the annual revenue targets for the coming year. So at least we know what we're aiming for. As to whether we are able to or how we are going to achieve it... aaaahhh, that's another thing.

Sometimes I wonder the purpose of all these brainstorming sessions at all. Everyone seems to just throw out points and ideas which to me seem pretty obvious. Why are people leaving? Why do we still have high turnover rates? Uuuuhhhh... because the work is not what they expected? because the work is too intense? because they don't fit well into our culture?

One thing I noted was that it rarely seems to be about the money. Throwing money at people may delay people leaving. But in the end if they are unhappy, they will still leave eventually.

It seems like we were back where we started this time last year. All so deja vu.

Giving more benefits and perks like massages, free lunches, more training, flexible hours and even more money are all very well and good. Hey, who wouldn't mind getting a bit more of such things? But what if the problem lies with the personality and character of the key person himself?

(On a side note, how would you feel if you were told that a factor such as having outstanding 3 days of annual leave to carry over or utilising 80% of your sick leave would affect a potential pay rise?)

So now, I'm just bracing myself for all the numerous actions and follow ups each of us will have on our plate next week now that all this brainstorming and planning is over.

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