Saturday, April 26, 2008

Slab down

More activity happening on our site.

The builders have already poured the concrete into the pre-slab area... yeah!!! foundations for building our house are now laid.

I was a bit concerned as I found it hard to imagine all the rooms and areas in our design to be able to fit into the slab area. Perhaps it is an optical illusion. Dad suggested that the next time we go down, we can measure the whole area to see if they match the measurements in our plans.

The soakwells have also been delivered and are ready to go down into the ground soon. I know of some people who have ATTEMPTED to dig their own soakwells... but I think we are happy to leave it to the experts to handle this. Especially considering the size of these huge solid concrete cylinders.

We couldn't stay very long as we were heading down to Mandurah for the Young Adults' Retreat. But we did manage to snap a photo of the nearby primary school which is now currently under construction. The school will be a mere 5 minutes walk away from our future home.

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