Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My latest cooking escapades...

...includes kari ayam with roti canai and puff pastries

I concocted the curry in just half an hour using my trusty pressure cooker. Hubby and BIL gave two thumbs up! They said the taste really seeped in well into the meat.

The roti canai were frozen ones I picked up from the freezer section at Chan Brothers Asian Grocery.

The puff pastries were a hit. A simple and sure party pleaser. Got the tip from Diana. Just roll up sheets of frozen puff pastry and pop them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes until golden brown. Enjoy with the curry... shiok betul!

I also made my own pizza. The pizza base was also made from scratch... flour, yeast, and water kneaded together and left to rise for 1 hour.



Super yum!

Hubby said it tasted great even though it was a homemade low-additives pizza. Or maybe that was the secret? The generous ingredients and fresh dough...

BIL was simply amazed that it was possible to make pizza from scratch.

Making the pizza reminded me of those fun afternoons when mum taught us how to make our own pizza. She gave each of us kids our own lump of dough to roll out into the base and let our creative juices flow as we decorated our bases with the ingredients.

Good future project to do with kids in the future. KIV!


  1. wow, you are really good at cooking now !

  2. I learnt from the best... thanks mum!


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