Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My favourite buy in Singapore

Of all the various things I picked up during my shopping in Singapore, this happens to be my favourite find...

Aaaaahhhh... so what is this clever little contraption?

It's called a "Cookie Dunker" or as I like to call it "Breakfast-on-the-go companion". See I put in my precious little Cheerios in the bottom compartment. And then I pour in some milk in the top (which contains a freezer gel which I've already placed in my freezer overnight)... then I toss it into my bag and off I go!

My colleagues were oohing and aahing today when I pulled it out of my bag, separated the two compartments to mix the cereal and milk together.

Cool kan?


  1. Serene, never buy one for Christoopher to have his Weetbix and Milo every morning???!!!

    Jokes aside...so sorry to hear about Menh How's wallet. How come his version of the wallet drama to Ronald is so different from yours??

  2. How different is Ronald's version? Anyway, this account is based on what I observed with my eyes... plus maybe I added in more detailed descriptions??? :)

    Christopher can come and admire my special bottle when he comes to visit! :)

  3. Well according to Ronald's version, Meng How realised he left his wallet while he was queueing up in the Post office. And you didn't go to the police station to make a report. One detail u missed out was MengHow got to renew his Aussie, msian and spore driving license.

    Chinese whisper!!


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