Saturday, April 12, 2008

More on our shopper booty from Singapore

More of our favourite games from Settlers Cafe

We played a couple of rounds of Galloping Pigs on one of the first nights we arrived back in Perth

Since then, we've introduced it to our cell group who are now crazy about this game. We even played it for one of our ice-breakers... super fun I tell you!

Pressure cooker... an (almost) 'must have' for every modern housekeeper.

Soups and stews brewed to perfection in less than half the time it would normally take on a normal stove top.

(Above) All I need to do is dump in the ingredients, switch it on and after 40 minutes... Voila! Chicken herbal soup with white cloud ear fungus.... soooo yarmeeee that I forgot to take any "After" photos.

And of course, Charles & Keith footwear. FYI, I'm gradually converting to lower heeled shoes. So these are a far cry from the 3-inch stilletos I bought last year

On another related note: Remember my favourite breakfast-on-the-go companion? Here's another example of how I've put it to use...

(Above) Tea and cookies!


  1. Wow, you have got some nice stuff! I like your new shoes...Pressure cooker - yes, it's a must have! It's brilliant! Love mine to bits....

  2. the chicken doesn't look cooked. eeww...

  3. Nice kan???? Next I make especially for yooooouuuuu!!!


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