Sunday, April 20, 2008

Me so blur

Oooooowwwwww... my thigh muscles are aaaaachiiiiiiing... I feel as if I had just finished running a marathon. When I attempted to get out of bed this morning, I felt so sore all over my legs.

"Why???" I was so puzzled.

I sat a moment and tried to recount what I had been up to the day before that could have resulted in this.

Okay, let's see... there was the Hen's Night. But I wasn't the subject of any torture or humiliation, so that couldn't be it.

Hmmm... or was it when hubby and I *ahem*.... but aiyah where got so vigorous until like this one!!! That can't be it.

I whined to hubby.

"Why am I suffering like this, honey? Whyyyyyyy???"

"I dunno lar... what were you up to yesterday?"

I recounted the events of the previous day to him.

I give up. Maybe it will be a complete mystery that would continue to baffle me forevermore.

Me: "Maybe it's because we... you know!"

Hubby: "Haiya, noooo laaaar... it must be because of the housework you did yesterday clearing the whole kitchen. You were squating and bending over to clear all the cupboards and shelves right?"

Me: *Slap Head* Oh yaaaaa!!! Now why didn't I think of that??? Eeee... so clever lar you!!!"

Hubby: *Grunt* "Means you lack of exercise lar!"

Me: *Pout* "I knooooow"


  1. aiseh...everything left to the imagination...

  2. Haiya.. any more detailed than that, this blog will be rated PG or M!

  3. wah Either u severely under exercised or u have damn alot of cupboards n shelves which is very low! MAke sure ur new house solves this problem ya lol

  4. Justin... sad to say, it is BOTH no exercise *hang head in shame* AND poor kitchen ergonomics... and yes, I definitely hope the design of my new house's kitchen will help solve the latter... as for the former... (*sigh*) any ideas for motivation?


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