Thursday, April 03, 2008

I like KK...

Tonight as I sat back to enjoy a cup of chicken herbal soup freshly brewed using my new pressure cooker (details on that another time)... I heard a melodic "teeeet teeeet" on my mobile.

It was from Audrey: "Hey, with your parents at the moment. Nice of them to treat us to dinner :) I quite like KK. Maybe a trip here together next time?"

Earlier today I received a Skype message from my dad (super canggih kan, my parents?) telling me that they were meeting up with Audz and her parents tonight. Dad asked me whether he should take them to Ocean Restaurant in town, or to Kampung Nelayan. I suggested that Kampung Nelayan might be a good experience because they had cultural dances performing during dinner... it might impress them to see one of the local Magunatip dancers in action.

Anyway, as I read Audrey's message, I couldn't help but smile as I felt touched by her saying that she liked KK. When she first told me that her family were planning a holiday to KK, I couldn't help but wonder what her perception of KK would be as an outsider. I myself would find it difficult to give an objective view as my feelings of KK are too much mingled with my own childhood memories and adolescent experiences.

If an outsider were to ask me what's great about KK, I can only give surface facts... Mt Kinabalu, beautiful islands with clear waters for snorkelling/diving, FANTASTIC food (like my hubby's all time favourite Tuaran mien). But it's very hard to explain the serenity and simplicity behind it all. Many people arrive in KK expecting an exotic holiday experience, but some go away a little dissatisfied. is not at all like some picturesque town you sometimes see in coffee-table books. But quite a number of people I've met who have visited KK admit that there's something different about the place which they can't put their finger on... I myself probably never even realised it because for me this has always been the KK I know.

So I am now picturing Audrey with our parents, enjoying a magnificent seafood dinner... steamed Garupa? Butter prawns? Enjoy betul bah dis girl! Don't forget to share photos.

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  1. We first drove to Kampong Nelayan. But alas, the car park was barricaded with sign that said that no entry except VIP. Well some politicians we supposed had booked the restaurant all for themselves. But as we saw from a distance, the restaurant was rather empty. Well, this is the kind of exclusivity of the so call political elite that drove them off from power I suppose.
    We then changed our venue and moved to Ocean. We did have a great time! Photo's shortly!


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