Saturday, April 19, 2008

Construction Preslab

Well people, after a big gap in my updates on building our new home we finally have something new to report.

Granted, there has been plenty happening behind the scenes... choosing colours, tiles and finishings at our pre-start, going through many rounds and rounds of edits of our house plans, working out our financing with our broker and bank, and numerous phonecalls to chase our builder to move their butt!

But I share spare you the details, some of which are somewhat painful to recount.

And finally, there is some real physical activity happening at our site:


Our construction preslab has now begun...

For those who are not sure what they are supposed to be looking at: Basically the workers have outlined the area of the house with planks, fitted the wire mesh in, and the next step will be to pour the concrete in. This will form the base slab upon which the house will be constructed.

Dad advised us to note down a few key spots for taking photos throughout the construction process, so that we can view each stage of construction from a uniform vantage point.

Hubby was down at the site yesterday to take these photos. He said he has already marked a couple of spots around our 'territory'... dunno mark with what lar... maybe with a leaf or something.

Okay, that's enough excitement for today. Till next time readers... muaks!

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