Monday, March 31, 2008


Well we are back.

Back??? Back from where???

Ahah!!! Caught you... some of you so blur, didn't even realise I was away.

As usual need to upload the pics (as promised to some of you) but before that, I need to tell you our tale of woe!!! Kenapa mesti cerita??? Because it was one of the most dramatic things that happened on the last part of our trip...

Dengarlah kisah derita kami...

We woke up lazily on a Saturday morning. We had already decided to have lunch (supposed to be breakfast but cannot wake up) at Din Tai Fung for their famous Xiao Long Pao. We then thought to clear off some errands first before heading to Orchard. Sam wanted to draw some cash, while hubby needed to go to the post office.

And so it begins...

At the post office, we got an envelope from the counter and went aside to fill out hubby's KL address to send some documents to his dad. Hubby took out his wallet to refer to his Singapore IC to fill out the return address at the back of the envelope. He handed the documents to me to sort out while he filled out the registered mail form. I suppose that was when the criminal made his move. Perhaps he reached over and slipped the wallet away, or perhaps we were careless and left the wallet there while we turned back to the counter.

Either case, it was not until many minutes later when we were boarding the bus, when hubby was scrambling through his bag that he realised that his wallet was missing. We immediately dashed back to the post office, but there was no trace of the wallet. Ohhhh noooo!!!!

We walked around the vicinity hoping to find the wallet tossed aside on the ground or in a rubbish bin... maybe the person who took it threw away the wallet after pocketing the cash. But it was to no avail. We tried to remain calm and remembered to call our banks to cancel all our credit cards.

It was all very distressing. I think especially so for hubby.

Sam was quite sweet. Afer he went in one direction to try searching the area, he returned with two pieces of pandan waffles to share with me and hubby.

We went back to the post office. The lady at the counter was quite helpful. She even opened up the mail box to check if the wallet might have been thrown in there. Nothing. We left our phone number with her and she promised to call if she found anything or if someone found the wallet.

Later on, we decided to lodge a police report to have the document as a formality for requesting new cards and IDs. Ironically, the police post was located less than 100 metres from the scene of the crime. Sigh.

To be continued...

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  1. Hehe... to be honest... i was actually quite hungry then. I've been eyeing on the waffles during the search.
    but of course i tot u needed loose change!


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