Sunday, February 03, 2008

See you in heaven... but not yet

Today's sermon topic: "One minute after you die..."

Where is your final destination? Heaven or Hell?

In closing his message, pastor asked us to turn to our neighbour and say "See you in heaven"... so accordingly I turned to Andrea on my left and cheerily said "See you in heaven!", then I turned to hubby on my right to say the same, and hubby quickly whispered affectionately...

"Yes, but not so soon yet, okay honey?" ^_^

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  1. What a coincidence ! Our Pastor's sermon was more like "See you not in hell!". He started off with a joke.
    "There was this christian who ended in hell after he died. To his surprise, he saw his pastor there. He shouted, "Hi!".The pastor pointed his finger to the mouth and asked him to lower his voice. The man asked, "Why ?". The pastor answered' "Be quiet, the bishop is here as well !"


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