Friday, February 08, 2008

'Lo hei' season

Although I am missing the more vibrant CNY festivities back in Malaysia/Singapore, here in Perth we have our share of CNY traditions... one of my favourites is the 'lo hei' or 'yee sang'. So far I've had two 'lo hei' sessions...

#1. Dinner with cell group: Chin Noodle House in Leeming

Chin's 'yee sang' is actually really good... comparable to the better ones back in Malaysia and Singapore. They were were quite generous with the fish and jellyfish too!

#2. Oxygen Youth CNY Dinner: Pot Bless at Zion Centre

The 'yee sang' ingredients were the pre-packaged store bought ones, and for the fish we used raw salmon from the Coles deli section.

This 'yee sang' tasted pretty good too... probably due the vigorous mixing by the energetic youths. And we were especially generous with the smoke salmon when we assembled the dish.

'Yee sang' is definitely one of my favourite new year delicacies. It's too bad we only eat it once a year... but perhaps that's what makes it so good... that it's not an ordinary everyday dish.

I asked one of my colleagues whether he had any 'yee sang' during the CNY dinner with his fiancee's Singaporean family. He generally likes Chinese food but says he hates 'yee sang'. He can't seem to appreciate the different contrasting textures of the dish... The slippery jellyfish and smooth raw fish, contrasted against the crunch of the crackers and pickles, all mingled together in a rich plum sauce... mmmm... just thinking about makes me crave for it all over again!

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