Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Contentedly waiting (but starting to get bored)

As I am typing this, I am watching a truck pull up to a plane and watching as food is being loaded on to the aircraft.

Where am I?

The time is 5.53PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time in Sydney, NSW. I have just come from completing a successful presentation of a successful project for our client, Microsoft. The project is generating a lof of interest globally... which is a good sign for our little consultancy in Perth. I am relieved that the project is over and glad that it was well received. So as a reward I am indulging in a teeny tiny glass of Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (after clinking it against my colleague's Beer glass with a cheery "cheers!").

FYI coincidentally, hubby was in Sydney too... and noooo it was not to tail along on my trip. He is here on his own company's bootcamp training. So he's staying at another hotel a distance away from the city centre. But I saw him last night when we met up with some of his ex-school mates for dinner. We were quite tickled by the fact that we would be in Sydney at the same time. Anyway he's staying back a few more days as his training course extends until Thursday. So that's just a bit of trivial info in case you are interested.

Sigh. One more hour until boarding time.

Someone just gave my parents a puppy. Very sad looking little thing. When I saw this pic I immediately felt so sorry for it and wished I could be there to let it curl up on my lap and give a good cuddle.

I had a vivid picture of it looking very lonely and disoriented away from its mum and sibling puppies, trying to curl up in a corner, feeling so small and abandoned looking out of the vast grounds around our house (NB: it's not really vast at all, but may seem so to the puppy). So I have a newfound purpose for my next trip to KK, to give this lonely little pup some TLC, and getting some TLC from my own dear mummy and daddy!

Anyway if you have any name suggestions for this little pup, please do share. It doesn't have a name yet, and we need a name ASAP before its current handle Ah Dog (or Atok?) starts to stick!

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  1. How bout " Teh C", the pup looks like the teh c color. Or "Ovaltine"?? Or "Milo"


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