Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chores chores chores...

Over time, the number of women in the workforce has been increasing. Currently many households are double income earners with both men and women employed in the workforce.

However, statistics on the number of hours spent on chores and domestic activities has remained fairly unchanged over the years with women still spending double the amount of time on domestic activities compared to men.

For men, the average time per day spent on total domestic activities is 1 hour 37 minutes in 2006, has not changed since 1992. For women, the average time spent on domestic activities is 2 hours 52 minutes a day in 2006 (Source: ABS).

Somehow despite of the way society has changed and evolved, there is still an underlying expectation that women by default should bear the bulk of household responsibilities.

Apparently from the men's point of view, there are various reasons for this... such as that the time spent on domestic activities in reality can be cut down by utilising more effient means of handling these chores. Implying that it could be the women's own fault for having to spend more hours on these activities...(?!?!?)

Frustrated sigh.

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  1. Just half an hour ago, when both of us were surfing the internet, dad commented. "Isn't it time to cook the dinner?" implying that i should stop surfing and get to the chore. Of course I sweetly told him :"Yes, why don't you get to the kitchen to cook something for me?" Somehow, no matter how far we've progressed, men are still in the stone age where chores are concerned. I told him his comments smacks of sexism !!; )And I have a MAID!!


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