Wednesday, January 16, 2008

IT Pros??? *snort* I think not...

I had a disappointing experience today relating to IT.

This morning when I logged into my computer as usual, I noticed that all the shortcuts, folders and file I kept on my desktop were missing. We actually outsource out IT support to an external IT company. Anyway the IT guy happened to be in the office to do the standard monthly maintenance as part of the contract we have with them. So I explained the problem and asked if he could help restore the files or something like that.

The response?

He fiddled around with my computer a bit... click here, click there (dunno also what he's trying to do) while I stood on one side watching over his shoulder. Then finally looked up at me with that 'know it all look' and said "Yup, seems like it's a Vista issue. Sometimes Vista just clears your profile as they have their own security system. It's better not to keep any folders or such shortcuts on your desktop at all"

I looked at him incredulously. Not keep shortcuts and folders on my desktop??? Folders I can understand... but shortcuts? Surely he isn't serious. What else are shortcuts there for? It's to enable easy access to frequently accessed folders and files... and now he's telling me not to put them on the desktop. If don't put them there, then put where? Tell me? BTW, this is all just in my head. In reality I was a lot more polite, asking him if he was sure, because I'm certain that the files must have accidently moved somewhere or maybe there was some sort of backup or cache.

Nope. It's gone. Sorry.

I see. Okay, thanks for your help... (NOT!!! What help?)

So just like so many cases before, I had to call my husband. Thankfully, he knew exactly what to do and guided me where to go to find the missing files.

Perhaps you've heard the saying that these IT support guys are just second rate IT people who were not smart enough to be engineers and professionals. As much as I don't want to pigeon-hole and stereotype these guys, but the so called 'support' and 'help' they are supposed to provide has 9 times out of 10 been very disappointing. They don't even try to make any real effort to use their brains. Most of the time, they are just as clueless as we are, but have just developed the art of knowing schnazzy things to click on to appear like they know what they are doing.

Don't know what we are paying these guys for sometimes.

*shake head*


  1. I was talking to Ronald the other day about IT people from those IT college or TAFE, wondering whether they are as good as the IT degree holders. He reckons they are not as good...and he is right!!!


  2. Have u considered filing a compliant to this It support company to let them know they are not helping/solving problems but rather messing up the system !

  3. I definitely Agree, Diana... it's so sad, but so true :(

  4. Hi Dad, MH suggested that I do the same thing. But the 'nice' part of me feels like I'm being petty to do so. MH suggested that I email the guy to tell him the solution, but if he asks how I did it, not to tell him the solution!


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