Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An alternative response

I feel like my patience has been running on low for some time lately.

Perhaps one of the things it stems from is the numerous 'discussions' hubby and I were having to make on decisions related to various details of our future house design... 'discussions' is probably quite a mild way of putting it actually.

In addition to that, at work I am faced with having to deal with blur juniors, who may sometimes have a slight attitude problem. Plus numerous other hiccups that seem to continually surface with a particular project I am currently working on. There was always something happening each day to test my patience and endurance dealing with people and situations beyond my control.

I confess that the most trying situation was having to deal with the afore-mentioned junior who came in thinking they knew it all, trying to shirk or avoid unpleasant work tasks, putting on that couldn't care less attitude... arrrrghhhhh!!! Many a time I arrived home in a black mood, and wake up the next morning with dread of facing another day at work.

I complained endlessly and whined to hubby and to anyone else who would listen. But I had failed to realise that I was letting the situation control my feelings instead of controlling my response to the situation.

Anyway I was complaining again at cell group today and recited my complaint as the usual prayer request in our small groups. We then proceeded to pray for each other in turn.

As Josh prayed for me, an inspirational thing happened... I realised he was not only praying for me, but also praying for the junior in question as well. He prayed that she would grow, improve in her work to become an asset and a help to the company and so on. It hit me how tiresome and childish I must seem for repeatedly whining about how this person was affecting me so much.

I continued to ponder about it later as I reflected on it in the shower. I then made a resolution that each time I was tempted to complain about certain people and situations, I would pray for them and bless instead. So I did right there and then. As I prayed for them I started to think about the small things they were actually already doing which were helpful to me (even though there was still more to improve on of course).

Anyway, I decided that I would attempt to thank one particular junior tomorrow to start with, on how much of a help she has been and how much she has improved. I realise now I can sincerely say that as I pray for her.

A good alternative response, don't you think?

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