Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sweeping statements

Lately I've come across a few "sweeping statements" made about people, life and issues.

They are sometimes quite amusing to listen to. But at the same time, feel a little irritating... like the sound of a metal fork grinding against a pot/plate.

"All people who read on buses are freaks"

"All Sabahans are with the mafia"

"People who marry early are not close to their parents"

"Only girls who have an extremely close relationship with their father will be attracted to guys who look similar to their dad"

"All Singaporeans are stupid"

All the above are statements I disagree with.

Most of such statements I've heard seem to be made by people who are on the younger side. Just an observation. I could make a sweeping statement about that but I shall refrain from doing so. Because you simply can't make a sweeping statements about just anything.

Paul might say I seem to have some latent anger and tell me to cool down :) which I shall thank him in advance for. hehehe.

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  1. Who died and made you defender of all statement 'correctness'...hahahah know...I never heard of the 'All Sabahans are with the mafia' one's actually kindda cool...means we are a dangerous lot...chics dig that...hohoho


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