Saturday, December 15, 2007

Long overdue pictures

Apologies for the extended silence. Been pretty maxed out lately at the office. Somehow it always takes a major holiday looming around the corner to suddenly kick start a lot of things into action. Everyone wants to clear things off before they go away on holiday and before the year ends.

Anyway, here are some long overdue pictures of the many happenings lately which I have not had the opportunity to post up yet... it's quite a lot, but rest assured it is definitely NOT as bad as Paul's whole year in retrospective post!

Alright people, fasten your seatbelts and here we go...

Birthday dinner with cell group at Yummy House. I felt really loved surrounded by all my beloved 'cell mates'. After the dinner on the way out, the waiter came and put her arm around me and said "you know, I can tell you are a very rich person... rich not in money, but in friends"... hahahaha, it was quite cheesy but I liked it. The Yummy House folks are really nice, the service is good, the waiters and boss are very friendly and sincere and food is pretty good too... nowadays we prefer to come here rather than the busy, crowded (so called happy) place up the road (which shall not be named)...

Every couple needs to have their own private birthday dinner date. We went to Cafe Bella Rosa for some Italian food and more chilli mussels... one of the best dishes Perth as to offer. But maaaan... I think I've had enough chilli mussels for a while because every overseas guest who's come over to visit us over the past few weeks, we've taken them out to eat chilli mussels. Spo for the moment, I think I will give it a break for a while. Other dishes we tried were Gnocchi Salad, Lamb Cutlets with Asparagus, and Canelloni stuffed with fetta cheese and spinach.

Been having quite a number of intense gastronomic experiences lately. There are too many to mention, but here are a few... Lunch buffet at jettys to savour their seafood (i.e. mussels, prawns, oysters), special mention on their pumpkin soup which was very smooth and light; Just yesterday we had our company Christmas party at Swan Valley (which I shall elaborate on later) we stopped for lunch at Duckstein Brewery and I shared a German sausage and meat platter for four with 3 other colleagues; Dinner with Estee (it was her last week in Perth before heading back to Singapore) at Da Vinci Restaurant in North Perth, we shared a tasting platter, a pizza and sampled their famous dessert Moist Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream; Random --Hubby's steak dinner at Fast Eddys; One of Perth's hidden secrets --Kanta Japanese Kitchen, I tried their chef's special grilled squid tentacles and a lovely veal dish; Last, after all that food overload, nothing beats a simply McDonald's Happy Meal to cheer one up!

More food... a few weeks ago on one of the O2 Youth's activity night, we had an Iron Chef night, where each team was to prepare a dish from a mystery recipe which they were randomly given on the day itself: Macaroni Cheese and Choc Chip Cookies. We all had lots of fun that night. For a number of the teens, this was the first time they had ever done any cooking in their life! The leaders were given the privilege of judging the food, and one of the teens had even prepared an evaluation form to judge them on their cleanliness, teamwork, presentation, taste etc.

Not really food related, but thought I'd just chuck in some photos I snapped of the Qantas Club Lounge in Sydney. On the flight back from a Sydney business trip our flight was delayed. But thankfully, my colleague had a pass to the lounge where we could wait in some comfort. I've never been to on of these lounges before, so quite sakai lar a bit. It was very nice --free food, alcohol, coffee/tea was provided, internet access (of course) and shower facilities. Although we were s little disgruntled over the flight delays, but at least we had some balm in Gilead.

Phew. That was a little exhausting. I'll try not to put off posting up pictures for so long next time.

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