Sunday, December 02, 2007

Laughing hard again

On Saturday after our O2 Youth Dark Zone Laser outing, one of the youths' parents had invited the leaders to their house for dinner.

The food was superb and aunty really put a lot of effort into preparing the dinner. My favourite dish was this pork dish called Kao Yuk (in Cantonese) which seemed quite similar to the Hakka Kiu Nyuk, except that it was not layered with yam slices. She told me how to make it, so I will try it out one day.

After the dinner we hung around to fellowship and chit chat over dessert (orange pudding, and sago pudding, and cheesecake!)

And here comes the comic moment...

I was happily engrossed in conversation, when suddenly two of the boys (youths) ran past us, speeding across the room excitedly, heading toward the back door... then...



They had crashed straight into the back door mosquito screen, tearing it.

Stunned silence.

Uncle: (in shocked, irritated voice) Oi! What's the big hurry????


Aunty: (placating) Haaai... teenagers mah!

Bursts of laughter throughout the room followed.

I haven't laughed so hard in some time. So it was good.

Contented sigh.

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