Friday, December 21, 2007

How to fire someone

Last day of school let out today early folks.

It's 3.20pm and I'm already at home in my comfy T-shirt in front of my home PC.

I have a good boss.

Anyway, it was a pretty exciting morning. For the second time in my life, I had a chance to witness (kind of...) someone being fired.

I was busily doing work as usual at my snazzy new work PC (which I shall show you later) when my colleague called me and said we had a a meeting in the meeting room. I was a little confused as I didn't have a meeting scheduled in my calendar plsu I wanted to finish my stuff as quickly as possible before close of business today. But they were very insistent and it seemed very important... so I locked my PC and joined them.

There was only a few of us as a number of my colleagues were already on leave for the Christmas break. My manager then broke the news to us 'gently' that the certain person in question has been asked to leave due to her inability to perform which has affected other team members and affected the morale of other colleagues. And he told us that our big boss was breaking the news to her at that moment while we were 'hiding' in this room.

It was a mixed reaction. As for me I kind of expected it to happen sooner or later, but I didn't expect that my boss would drop the bomb on the poor girl right before Christmas.

After that our boss came into the room and reiterated what my manager said and made a little speech about how important it was for us to have a team where everyone was pulling their oar... and how as a small team, we cannot afford a 'cancer' like that to eat away at the team like that.

In my boss's previous company, they were trained on the procedures on how to 'fire' people...

1. Break the news, drop the bomb (whatever you want to call it)
2. Make sure the rest of the team is informed in some way
3. Make sure after the the person in question is told, he/she is not allowed to go back to his/her computer
4. Get the person to surrender their office keys, security pass etc.
5. Personally escort the person to the door

Wow. I learnt something new. So if I ever have to do this, now I know.

After that boss proposed that we crack open some beer and chill out a bit. He also declared that he'll close the office for half day and told us all to go home at 2.00pm. Great finish.

And that's how it happened.

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  1. I have not fired anyone like what your boss did. somehow, I managed to convince the persons to resign on their own accord rather than being fired. In Malaysia, you never know. The person you fire may one day be on the side of your client vetting through the project you do for them.......


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