Sunday, December 30, 2007

First prom dress

This morning as I was rummaging for something to wear to church, I pulled out an old purple dress with a funky retro print. It was the dress I wore to my first prom. I tucked it into my jeans to turn it into a blouse.

I showed it to hubby and he was amazed (and I was proud) that I could still fit into it after almost 10 years. Sure it was getting a little tight around the hips, but the main point is that I could still wear it!

Aaaahhh... My first prom... Pre-U Nite during my first year doing A-Levels.

It was not one of the nicest memories as I didn't have a date to go with. Actually I was supposedly going with this guy. A guy who came very close to becoming my first boyfriend. But just a couple of weeks before the prom, with some peer pressure, he 'confessed' his feelings to me. I still have a vague recollection over a nervous conversation over the phone with him saying the standard "I like you. Do you like me? Let's go steady". Actually I did like him very much. But somehow, something held me back and I instead responded with a "Let's just be friends". I was not prepared for the ackwardness and uncomfortableness that follows such an episode.

So that's how I ended up dateless and somewhat miserable at my first prom.

The prom was on a Saturday night. I was supposed to skip youth group meeting that night for the occasion. But after eating and making small talk with various people at the prom, I hopped into my car and drove down to church to see what my friends at youth group were up to. They were of course surprised to see me but welcomed me with open arms and after that we went out for supper as usual.

It's nice to have people you love to go to when you need a friend.


  1. I thought you look very nice in that 'top' when I saw you this morning at my house.

    Very creative of you to wear your dress that way!!

  2. The previous message was from me


  3. I think I remember... I love you ;)


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