Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas party at Adventure World

On Sunday, we were at Adventure World for hubby's company Christmas party.

So exciting. I've never been's to Perth's Adventure World before. This should be interesting.

After a very light lunch (there was not enough food... probably all part of the plan as they assumed that we would be all going for the rides, so need to cut down on the *ahem* mess) we headed off for some stomach churning fun...

First stop was the Sky Lift. The weather was pretty dodgy that day. So we had to put up with the cold wind and drizzle while we dangled along the cables.

Pic below right: Despite hubby's cheerful smile, he was actually feeling quite terrified... and stayed completely still and warned me not to touch him. "Relax honey, it's not that bad, we won't fall off". I teased him a bit by leaning forward and swinging my legs. "I'm not afraid of falling off lar, I'm afraid the wire will snap and the whole thing will come crashing down!"

After that things were a little better as all the other rides were closer to the ground.

Chasing Ronald and Christopher on the Rail Rider...

Christopher on the Kiddies Creek little froggie boats...

Paddle Boats... so reminiscent of the paddle boats at Tun Fuad Park our family used to visit on weekends when I was a kid...

So where was the mummy in all this?

Where else?

God bless all the mummies.

Hubby said next time, he'll be happy to sit out the rides, look after the stuff while I go wild with the kids on the rides... haha!

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  1. The photos look great!! Christopher and his papa looked so happy.

    Was so glad that Daylan slept for a long time in his stroller, and gave me time to just relax and do nothing!!

    Wish we had more time and play with more rides.


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