Saturday, December 22, 2007

Checklist for tearjerker flick

This week, hubby and I received free tickets to watch P.S. I Love You

Not putting any pressure on any of you to watch it. But I will say that it is a very good movie. And it's the only one other movie which I've cried this much watching (the other movie was Mr Holland's Opus).

In fact, I already had tears streaming down my cheeks right at the opening scene even before the opening credits!

So if you do plan to go watch this movie, here is a must have checklist:

1. Tissues, and don't skimp on this! By the end of the movie I had a pile of crumpled up tissues on my lap

2. Waterproof mascara, or better yet don't wear any at all

3. Dark coloured top. This is optional but it's for just in case you run out of tissues and need to resort to wiping your eyes with your sleeve

4. Loved one next to you. Also optional, but it would be nice to turn to him/her after the movie just to know that you are not alone and that you are loved

5. Tissues (...juuust making sure you don't forget...)

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