Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My favourite travel item

Since the subject of my recent Sydney trip is still fresh on my mind... I thought I'd share another one of my favourite things.

This is a must have favourite item whenever I travel. As you can see, it is a toiletry bag... the coolest toiletry bag I've ever had!

It bought it from a limited edition sale from the Australian Women's Weekly magazine. And it's been one of the best buys I've made.

The bag has lots of little pockets of varying sizes for keeping my lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other little items. And on the cover flap, there are hoops to fit my lip liners, toothbrush, contact lense case etc.

I can basically fit ALL my toiletry and make-up needs in this ONE bag. So I never need to scramble with separate pouches or plastic bags. I just fit everything here and tuck it in my suitcase. And at my destination, I just lift it out and put on the corner of the bathroom counter at my hotel.

Every woman needs a good travel toiletry bag. This is mine.


  1. i love your toiletry bag. been looking a nice cheap one eversince. the ones I have/given to me were the cutesy stuff which I can't put anything decent on.

    would you know if this is available online?

  2. Hi Jel! Thanks for stopping by :)

    I know what you mean by those cutesy toiletry bags that can’t hold even half the things you need. But sadly, I haven’t come across this bag since Women’s Weekly offered it as a limited edition offer a few years back. A shame coz’ other people have been asking me about it too. If I come across anything like this I’ll be sure to post it up!

    In the meantime, where are you based? If you’re in Singapore, you might consider checking out MUJI as they have some travel toiletry bag selections which are not bad, although not the same as this one.



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