Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From my hotel in Sydney...

At this moment I am typing away on a laptop in my hotel room in Sydney.

Sydney? How did that happen? Since when? Why so sudden one?

Well, it was kinda kast minute. We had to do some reallocations of projects due to some internal 'changes' in the company. So I was assigned to this project which was due for a face-to-face kick-off meeting with the client this Thursday. I only found out about it on Monday. Flew off this morning and here I am now.

Sydney still is pretty much the same. There is a kind of comfortable familiarity to the place which is nice. A lot more construction work happening in the city. And the Christmas decorations in the shops are up... very pretty.

Will be back on Friday night in time for Lake Leschenaultia!!! Looking forward to that man... tata.

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