Friday, November 16, 2007

Cool wand!

Hi people... here's another one of my Favourite Things...

One of my favourite kitchen secrets is this magic wand... I got it at Ikea for under $3 and it's one of the best bargains I've ever come across.

So why is it so special?

Well, it's simply because I can create mouth-watering pseudo-cafe foamy cappucino, hot mochas or hot chocolate drinks. No need to get an expensive coffee machine with a steam wand.

But how to get that foamy effect? Come I show you how...

Start with a quarter or a one-third cup of milk. Heat in the microwave for 1 minute only. Not too hot as milk should never be brought to boiling point otherwise it will curdle.

Then here comes the technique... when you put the wand in the milk, do not fully submerge the whisk in the milk. Instead hold it at an angle, letting part of the whisk show above the milk level. Then switch it on and hold the whisk steadily, always keeping part of the whisk visible above the milk. The idea is to churn in air into the milk. The milk will quickly start to froth up and become a smooth foam.

Finally, melt some chocolate and pour the milk in, top up with the foam, sprinkle some cocoa powder and voila!

Cool right? Look out for it the next time you're at Ikea.

Stay tuned for more of Favourite Things!


  1. When I read your last statement which says something like " look for it next time you are at IKEA", I thought you should have said 'I will make a cup of pseudo hot chocolate next time you are at my house!!'


  2. Ok lar, I'll make for you tomorrow at your house!

  3. Slurp slurp.

    Thanks from us (Ronald and me)!
    Really enjoyed the drink you made just now.

    You made it all look so easy, hope I will also be able to do that too!!

    Thanks again.

  4. Hey Serene

    this morning when we were in church, Joel made a cup of hot choc drink for Christopher.

    Then he made a cup of Mocha. He used the thick choc to draw a dot in the middle of the white foam of milk, drew a small circle around the dot,and a bigger circle outside the smaller circle.

    After that he used a metal pointer and artistically formed a picture of a flower from the circles he drew earlier. Just a stroke here, a stroke there, tah tah, a picture of a flower is formed in no time on the foam

    Christopher was watching and said, " That's a flower!" before joel finished the art work.

    Thought if you are interested to see more of what he can do, come to church half and hour early and you can just sit there and admire his creativity!!


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