Thursday, November 08, 2007

5 things...

Received another tag. Quite interesting so let's see how I go...

5 Things in My Bag
1. Loreal Lipstick No. 708
2. L'Occitane Shea Butter Mini Hand Cream
3. Essentiels De Chanel palette
4. My new Nokia 6120
5. Business cards

5 Things in My Wallet
1. Credit cards
2. ATM cards
3. Photo of hubby and me
4. Driver's licence
5. Spare bandaid (for emergencies)

5 Favourite Items in My Bedroom
1. Currently reading The Language of God by Francis S. Collins
2. Trying to finish Big in Asia by Michael Backman
3. My cuddly hubby ^ ^
4. Jug of water on bedside table
5. Royal Selangor pewter box - wedding thank you pressie from Wini

5 Things I Wish To Do
1. Sleep
2. Get a pay rise
3. Learn how to be be more patient
4. Be able to cook Kiu Nyuk in the original Hakka style
5. Finish knitting the scarf for hubby

5 Things That I Am Doing Now
1. Writing this tag
2. Watching Heroes
3. Enjoying a glass of port
4. Checking my iGoogle page
5. Chatting on MSN

Anyone else interested to pick up this tag and share?


  1. 5 things in my bag
    1) medical receipts
    2) daycare receipts
    3) book "Safe toys for your kids'
    4) Perth Child magazine
    5) Book "More than words"
    (yes, my bag is quite spacious)
    5 Things in my wallet
    1) photo of Ronald and me
    2) Big W receipt for a blender (planning to return 'dead' blender)
    3) some money
    4) Medicare card
    5) K Mart receipt for a blender (just bought a new one)
    5 Favourite Things in my bedroom
    1) My pillows
    2) The night-time version of Ronald Ong (not the morning one because he has a ... breath!!)
    3) Ronald's bolster (I steal it from him everytime he's sound asleep)
    4) The kids playing in our room
    5) The dress I bought to wear to Grace (but didn't make it)
    5 Things I wish to do
    1) Get a job
    2) Serve in a ministry
    3) Pedicure
    4) Colour my hair
    5) Eat some dim sum/ Fishhead Noodles without the kids around
    5 Things I am doing now
    1) Watching "Disney Playhouse" with Daylan
    2)Watching Daylan watching "Disney Playhouse"
    3) Watching Daylan eat his bread to make sure he will not choke on it
    4) Eating some of Daylan's bread
    5) Thinking about how to be more patient with Christopher, esp in the morning when I am still SO sleepy and tired

    From Diana Ong

  2. Haha... the contrast of before and after kids is quite dramatic!


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