Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What does the Bogeyman look like?

BaÖ LuØ says: hey

BaÖ LuØ says: sorry

BaÖ LuØ says: was taking a nap

Serene says: did the bogeyman come n haunt u?

BaÖ LuØ says: that's was soo long ago

BaÖ LuØ says: hahaha

BaÖ LuØ says: good one

BaÖ LuØ says: my friend read that...and she hasn't let me hear the end of it

Serene says: how come ur friend wants to read my blog... quite boring coz its all insider stuff. can she relate?

Serene says: how did the bogeyman look like again?

BaÖ LuØ says: donno

BaÖ LuØ says: she said your blog is very funny

BaÖ LuØ says: she say she likes how you turn simple everyday stuff into an adventure

BaÖ LuØ says: bogeyman had chalk white skin

BaÖ LuØ says: no eyes....or rather black eyes

BaÖ LuØ says: and wore pilgrim clothes

BaÖ LuØ says: surprisingly...the idea came from a disney holiday special

Serene says: disney??? wat kind of disney show would scare kids like that?!?!?!

BaÖ LuØ says: donno

BaÖ LuØ says: it wasn't suppose to be scary i think. but the bogeyman was terrifying for a kid

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