Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tidy eater

It's been a while since we took Christopher out. And today all the men in his family besides Christopher were down sick. Diana had to stay home to look after them, so hubby and I picked Christopher up to go to church today.

One of my (occasional?) readers is probably curious to find out how well her son behaved today without his parents around...

Well, I'm happy to report that he was a very good boy. It was pretty much like a normal routine Sunday. Dropped him off at the Little Bubbles room, he didn't even make a fuss when we said good bye. After church, we took him with us for lunch with the youths. He ate a small bowl of hor fun and kept himself amused playing with his cars. Some of the youths also helped to entertain him playing car racing on the table.

One thing I admire about Christopher is that he is the tidiest eater compared to other kids his age. When he took a mouthful of hor fun, he used his teeth instead of chomping down with his whole mouth, lips and all. The hor fun had a lot of gravy, so after almost every mouthful, he would reach for his napkin to wipe off the excess gravy from his mouth himself. He would have none of that mess dripping all over his chin and cheeks like most kids.

What a clever boy!


  1. Christopher is still playing with his cars as I am typing this message, arranging them all on the coffee table as if they were getting ready for a bog race. And he is using the flag he made in church today as 'car racing' flag. In fact when Meng How was driving off after dropping Christopher home, Christopher was using the flag at the doorstep and said 'ready set go!!" to Meng How.

    We are so thankful you have agreed to take him to church today. When he came home, we knew he had a great day in church and lunch because he was so excited and happy. He continued playing in the backyard for the next 2 hours, picking up little pebbles (about 130 of them!) before hitting the bed for his nap.

    Thanks a lot!! We will return all these favours when you need our help in the future!! Promise!!

  2. The ladies at daycare had told me before that Christopher is the tidiest eater amongst all the toddlers. But no one has described to me how tidy he is until i read your blog.

    By the way when he uses his teeth to remove food from the spoon, I always feel goosebumps on me because it feels like scraping a metal spoon on a metal surface. Sometimes I wish he could just close his lips to remove the food, coz it still can be tidy that way.

  3. Happy to help Diana... and no need to keep account, we know we definitely can count on each other!

    MH also can't stand the metal grinding against metal feeling. But have to admit that this is a very unique trait for a child's eating style!


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