Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Joining the club?

They say its contagious. Now 2 of my close girlfriends have officially stepped into their new motherhood status, I feel like joining the club too!

Anyway, we've been talking about it a lot about it… but no action yet. Seems like having a baby is more complicated that I used to think. My friend who has 2 boys said that we need to go for health check-ups and get a blood test even BEFORE we attempt anything. But another mommy I spoke to said, haiya… no need lar… just hentam only lar!

Which reminds me of a joke I heard in high school:

This grandma was asking her granddaughter when she was going to have kids. The granddaughter replied "grandma, is not that simple, we are very busy with our career, business travel, studying MBA… No time! Too busy!". The grandmother looked very puzzled, and she leaned over and said very gently… "honey, it only takes 15 minutes, you know!"


We giggled like mad as girls when he heard this joke. But its no laughing matter as adults anymore… having kids is really more complicated that you think! And it's not just about the 15 minutes.

But I think we are slowly mustering up the courage to plunge into this new parenthood adventure. Once we're in, there's no turning back, you know! But don't worry lar, I also wanna join the club.


  1. Hey Serene
    Seriously.....ahem....getting the blood checked is to make sure you have some sort of rubella vacinnation so you will not transfer any bad virus to your baby...it is part of the regulation to do the blood test.

  2. wow... first comment from you! so exciting! hehehe...

    didn't know it was regulation. what if people got unplanned pregnancy before they had a chance to do the blood test?

    anyway, i think 'being ready' is no longer the main issue... we are just procastinating now *wink*

  3. Hey, I posted something this morning but did not see it added. It's okie.

    two points...
    1) It is a standard protocol for doctors to do blood test and/or urine test prior to pregnancy. Even if you did not do the test after you fell pregnant, they will still refer you to do the test. Some clinics have a pathology clinic in the same premise...so it is convenient. The tests are essential to make sure you and baby are protected against rubella.
    2) Make sure you are taking iron supplement at this point if you are planning to get pregnant soon. The iron supplement has been found to prevent spina bifida (incomplete formation of the spine) in babies.You can just go to the pharmacy and ask them for iron supplement needed for pregnancy. Adding to that, taking iron supplement will cause constipation, so top up water and fruit and vegie intake. Iron supplement comes in all sorts of prices...I got the cheap ones, no need for the super ex ones like blackmore...they all serve the same purpose..

    So much from the 'expert'...Diana Ong


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