Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Is it just a fad?

Hmmm… a small pop up message just showed "You received a new email from [friend]". Ooohhhh… email from an old pal, let see what he's up to. I open up the email and read this: "I've just added you to Facebook, please click here to join Facebook"

Cheh. I've been receiving quite a number of such emails lately. Do you know what that means? My geng is moving to a new social network. Should I follow?

"First is the well-known loyalty problem. People want to network on the site their friends network on, and if their friends move from, say, Friendster to Facebook, they will too. Friendster is the cautionary tale - the pioneering site that somehow became uncool and never recovered. Success can be fleeting when it comes to social networking…" >>more

As much as I am tempted to follow, I can't help but wonder if this is another fad. Look at my poor neglected Friendster profile. I haven't updated it in eons. But just a while ago, it was the hottest thing in town. I was racing against hubby to see who had the most number of 'friends'. And now… you can even hear a pin drop in there… gone are the glory days of Friendster…

"In many ways, Friendster pioneered the whole concept of social networking that has since taken the Web by storm. Without its trailblazing, I find it hard to imagine sites like MySpace and Facebook having the enormous draw they currently enjoy. The last few years haven't been particularly kind to Friendster, however. Sure, it still gets traffic, but, at least in the U.S., it has been eclipsed in popularity…" >>more

"Teens are tire kickers — they hang around, cost you money and then leave," said Paul Kedrosky, a venture capitalist and author of the blog 'Infectious Greed'. Where Friendster was once the hot spot, Facebook and MySpace now draw the crowds of young people online…" >>more

Apart from the constant stream of join Facebook requests I get, I hear about it everyday at work too. A couple of my colleagues have gotten into it and all I hear is "I've got (such and such number) friends, how many have you got?" and "you should join Facebook Serene, it's really cool!"

How long will this craze last? Will it fizzle out eventually and leave me high and dry like Friendster, or is it here to stay?

"MySpace! No, Wait, Twitter! No, Wait, Second Life! No, Wait, Facebook! ... Is it just me or is anyone else sick of the lemming-like flash mob behavior marketers display every time some "really cool" new thing comes along? It's like a shiny new object syndrome. We can't keep our hands off the new toys… Again, I just wonder when Facebook will lose its luster, the fickle nature of marketers sets in and we all start salivating over the next new shiny object…" >>more

"Today, Google controls much of the Internet ad market. But major growth is occurring in the social networking area, so that looks like the next battleground… Google is not to be outdone in the social network market, however. Rumors have it the search giant is planning its own major move within weeks, basically aggregating all of its Internet properties -- including search, email, photos and social network site Orkut -- into a new social networking hub…"

Facebook… I can hear it calling me… my friends are all on the other side beckoning. I take tentative step… went on to the sign-up page, filled in my details, and then I paused just as I was about to click the 'sign-up' button…

I can't do this. Not yet. I feel like I'm selling out (again).

Social networking is definitely the next thing that's here to stay. But the question is which one?

Maybe I'm making too much of a big about this. Just sign up lar! If it lasts, then good… if not, just jump on the next bandwagon. *shrug*

Anyway, just in case if you ever need to abandon Facebook in the future for whatever reason (if only lar… I said 'IF') here are 10 ways to abandon Facebook forever


  1. Look this song up:

    "Trendy" by Reel Big Fish

    I really like facebook for security reasons but I hate the applications.

    Overall, they help me connect to all my friends around the world which is a pretty big deal.

  2. My prediction is that Facebbok will fade eventually, it's a matter of time. It's exclusivity will eventually ruin by crabs that the mass bring along ! Of course, rejuvenation is something that should be considered if we are to stay afloat. But in cyberspace, I think the popularity life span is short !

  3. I agree that its likely that it will fizzle out eventually.

    But I make a confession that I gave into the fad eventually.

    I am now on Facebook. (*hang head in shame*)

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  5. I don't think you should feel that way. In cyberspace, my view is that loyalty to any of the webs is not expected !


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