Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ingenious 'Throne'

Hmmm... in the midst of all the exciting things that have been happening lately, I might have neglected to announce to my readers that hubby and I have purchased a block of land in Success (fantastic Suburb name, eh?) to build our home.

Much of our time lately has been spent poring over house designs, home ideas and fixtures and fittings. We finally decided on a builder (after many tearing of hair and teeth-gnashing sessions) who are probably not perfect, but after weighing out the pros and cons, we made up our minds to use this one because they had the house layout we liked.

Anyway on Friday we were at the Spring Home Show at the Perth convention centre to get more ideas for building our home.

One of the cleverest things we saw was this...

Clever idea, eh?

I think it would be cool to have this in our water closet, so people can immediately wash their hands after using the toilet, instead of touching doorknobs and other stuff as they make their way to the bathroom to wash their hands.

But hubby pointed out (and I agree as well) that there is a higher likelihood of people splashing water all over the floor when they wash their hands, which means more cleaning for us... these are things to consider as here in Australia we will not be able to afford a domestic helper.

Of course the other obvious thing to consider is the price tag.

Wanna guess how much it costs?



That's over 3 times more expensive than an average toilet bowl.

Any feedback? What do you think? Should we get it for our home?


  1. That's one cool closet. I foresee there will be plenty of wet floor if this is installed. Currently, one of the things we have been reminding our staff is to mop the floor dry each time after visiting the loo. A mop has been especially purchased to serve this purpose.We also install a towel hanger plus towel for user to dry their hand.
    Now, you may not have much problem. When kids come along, there will be a lot of yelling to get the floor dry. unit price is indeed substantial !

  2. Yes, price tag is definitely a downside... don't forget have to times three!

  3. Practically, I can't see how someone is going to wash their hands when a TOILET BOWL IS BLOCKING THEM!

    Simplifying is good but if it don't do a good job for all it's intended purpose, it's a showoff widget...


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