Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I like islands

In case you're curious, here's a peek into the house design we've selected for our home. We're making some changes here and there, but generally this is what the layout looks like...

One of my favourite features in this design is the kitchen island. I like the open and airy design of the living and kitchen area...

(image from display home)

What you think? You like?


  1. I like the layout of the house. Can imagine myself living in it!!! For a long time I always wanted to have an island in the kitchen, for the stove or a benchtop. I also like what June has done to her kitchen, you know, June from family cell. She has drawers, huge and spacious ones, for storing pots, pans and everything. I think the drawer concept is one of my dream kitchen design. Better than cupboards.

    Oh by the way do you have a backyard spacious enough for the kids to play in? Kids love outdoors play, picking snails, worms, pebbles etc.

    looking forward to hear more about your dream house....and waiting to step into it soon!!!

  2. Wahhhhhhhhh !!! island ! my dream!
    Can i come cook there too??? =)
    love the house design hey ! maybe one day terence and i can build our home together if we ever knock down this current one?


  3. Yaaahhh.. come, come, come one and all...

    We are bracing ourselves for an 'exciting' journey during the construction. But so far it's been quite fun, I'm sure you'll enjoy it too eulynn!


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