Saturday, October 27, 2007

Equipping ourselves

Today we made a shopping expedition to Koorong to take advantage of our 30% discount card and came back with this truckload of stuff!!!

This is probably our biggest splurge on Christian resources in ages... most of it was youth resources, to get more ideas for our O2 ministry- hubby had the brilliant idea of getting his group to build a model of the tabernacle together to learn about the Old Testament. We also bought a board game which should be useful for ice-breakers and activity nights.

We also shopped for Christmas pressies for the kids in our discipleship groups... I decided to buy a Bible for one of our kids and a comic book 'Gospel of John', while hubby got some Frank Peretti teen novels for the ones who like reading.


Later we were at the UWA service to listen to Dr Carl Wieland from Creation Ministries - an amazing ministry dedicated to educating people about Creationism. I used to subscribe to Creation Magazine as a teen which really helped answer all those 'hard questions' about where the Bible stands in today's mainstream evolutionary theories.

Anyway, we were on a roll... so we bought this set of three books to learn more about Creationism versus Evolution...

These should be really helpful to us if we get bombarded by any such 'hard questions' from our youths as we are now going through a series on creation and the book of Genesis.

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