Saturday, October 20, 2007


Parents are gone. Left on Tuesday.

It was one of the best holidays. Nothing fancy. Just hanging out with them. Soaking up each other's company over food, coffee/tea, funny movie, walking around the City/Swan Valley/Swan River/etc...

I started missing them the moment they disappeared into the departure gate at the airport.

When we arrived home, I felt a wave of homesickness knowing that I will not see them again for a while. I snuggled up under the quilt on their mattress in the guest room and shed a few silent tears... just a teeny bit.

For a moment I wished I was a little girl again, not having to think about the cares of the world... about work, mortgages, house designs, bills, what's for dinner, the future... but just be able to feel completely safe snuggled between my parents in bed.

How nice if we could slow down time and be able to savour our favourite moments for as long as possible. Or even be able to travel back in time and relive our most memorable childhood memories.

But life goes on. It was back to work again tomorrow.

Strange how the most lovely and beautiful moments in life are often leave behind a slight ache in the heart afterward, which can almost be described as a kind of sweet pain. Bittersweet.

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