Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ageing Gracefully

I believe one of the highlights of my parents' recent holiday in Perth was catching with their old cronies from their university days.

(Uncle Lam Kee Hing, Uncle Chia Yu Chiang, and my dad)

I always like to meet these old university friends of my parents. Strangely, I always enjoy just listening to their chatter, even if I don't always know all the people and events they talk about...

Typical conversations with my parent's old MU mates might sound something like:

"Eh, so what happen to that fler?"

"Which fler?"

"Haiya, that fler lar... the one who always hang around with that 5th College gang"

"Ooooh... thaaaat fler... yaaa, I bumped into him one time when I was in KL last July... joker lah that fler, still looks the same!"

"Remember how we used to hitch hike from your hometown all the way up to KL?"

"(*Shaking head*) The crazy things we did!"

It may sound very dull on paper. But somehow I always enjoy hanging around listening to them jest at each others' greying hair and joking about how they were not as young as they used to be, reminiscing old times together... rejoicing in each other's joys and achievements over the years, and even emphathising with each other even as they share about the difficult times they went through.

It speaks of a testimony of friendship and comradeship that has stood the test of time.

Although these uncles and aunties are from the 'older generation', they have a freshness and vibrancy in their spirit. And I believe it is the Goodness and Grace of God that has enabled to stay 'young at heart' and to 'age gracefully'.

20 years from now, I hope I can say the same for myself.

Anyway, here are some interesting and amusing snippets from my parents' conversations with their old uni cronies:

  • Real names of people: Sek See, Chako--an Indian fler... HAHAHA!!! I laugh so hard when I heard these names. Anyway no kidding, these are actual bona fide names of real people they knew! They must have endured a lot of hardship in their childhood... I salute them, and at the same time wonder "what on earth were their parents thinking???"

  • My own parents used to hitch hike interstate across Malaysia during their holidays to save money... Yes, it's TRUE! the other MU uncles and aunties confirmed it because they were all doing it together! Usually it was government vehicles, like vans or delivery trucks that stopped, never the shiny expensive cars. But things were safer back in the 70s... they wouldn't dream of doing it again or letting their kids do it now... nowadays can get kidnapped, raped or get your kidneys stolen by crazy people.

*Fler = Manglish way of saying 'fellow'

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