Saturday, September 01, 2007

Live in the moment?

I recently heard this quote from the TV series 'Time of Your Life'. I've never followed this series, but when I overheard the first few lines it caught my attention that I stopped to listen to the rest..
The only problem with forgetting about the past, not thinking about the future, living for the moment is… it’s impossible. You can’t forget about your past because your past is what makes you who you are in the present. And you can’t not worry about your future because if you stop worrying about your future, the present will fall apart. You can try living for the moment, and you can try burning the candle at both ends – it gives a lovely light – but in the end your fingers just get burnt twice as badly. You have to be pragmatic. The past is gone; it has its repercussions still but it’s gone. The future’s ahead of you. You can have as many fantasies as you want about it but you have to be prepared for anything and everything. No matter how unpleasant it might be.
Profound but true.

I am not a 'live for the moment' kind of person. I like to reflect on my past, and I can recollect some childhood memories very clearly. I used to think this was a bad thing, always dwelling in the past and all that.

What about the future? Well there's a verse in the bible which says that we are not to worry about the future.
Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own
Gospel of Matthew, Sixth Chapter
So what then?

Well, seems like I need to balance past, present and future because they are all interconnected. It's okay to remember the past, because it is a part of who I am. Knowing who I am will help me in making choices in the present. The future is still yet to come, but the choices I make in the present will determine my future.

At the same time... there is nothing wrong with enjoying the present... before it becomes the past.
Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?
Matthew 6:27

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