Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I had WHAT for breakfast???

Yesterday morning, I had to get up at an ungodly hour of 6am!!!

Reason being was to get ready to attend a 7.30am breakfast meeting. The event was a briefing about Business Intelligence software and was held at the Burswood Hotel (I know… so fancy, yah!)

Anyway, the breakfast meeting was very good. They had two presentations on the latest trends and developments on Business Intelligence. The food was also superb –wouldn't have expected any less from Burswood anyway.

From a professional development point it was good because it just helped to further expand my knowledge of Business Intelligence software and how it was relevant for businesses today.

Aaaand just as importantly, from a life experience point… this breakfast meeting certainly added to my store of interesting life experiences. Now I can definitely say for sure (as I never was able to say this before) that I've had STEAK for breakfast.

Yup. That was breakfast. A big slab of juicy medium rare steak… with a poached egg on the side… with white sauce… and grilled tomato and asparagus.

Sorry no picture. I was sitting at a table filled with sober looking people in grey/black suits. Cannot act sakai there.


  1. Steak for breakfast is pretty cool but the idea of being with business associates irks me. Combined with the fact that everyone is in suits, can't get your hands messy and there is work afterwards is really bad...

    Steak for breakfast on a lazy Saturday morning... good!

  2. I was pretty 'irked' too. Plus it so early in the morning... 7.30am man! If not for the steak, I wouldn't have thought the event was worth going to.


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