Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hit the right spot

Started the day at the office with a relaxing massage.

"What????" you say...

Yes, you heard that right!

(BTW, hubby had the same reaction when I told him this morning that I'd be having another man's hands all over my body today)
*cheeky grin*

This is new creative scheme from our boss to keep us happy and healthy. So once a month, masseur Luke from Bodyworks will come in to knead our stiff necks and sore backs, and rub our stresses and aches away.

Our PA has it all organised--we have a little roster to take turns for half an hour sessions each with Luke.

Super relaxing man! I haven't enjoyed a massage in a long time. Can't imagine how I've gone on for so long without one. There's a particular muscle just behind my left shoulder blade that is especially tensed--so it really felt so good to have Luke's expert fingers get right into that spot.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next session!

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