Monday, September 10, 2007

Here's to another 10 years!!!

On Saturday, the girls got all got dolled up for Grace... our church's 10th Anniversary ball...

We had a fantastic night of celebration, dancing, superb food, memorable speeches, reminiscing good ol' days of humble beginnings, and enjoying the company of good friends.

A bold move... the organisers decided to include a free-flow of alcohol that night...

But no worries... everyone was having such a good time catching up, fellowshipping, and dancing to the music by the live Jazz quartet to bother with getting high. I myself ONLY had a glass of white wine, a sip of red wine, half a glass of shandy and a lemon lime bitters.

The dancing was especially fun! Did I mention that hubby and I have been going for dance classes every Sunday for the past few weeks? (sneak peek of our dance class pics here and here). We learnt the Cha-Cha, Waltz and Jive. But in the end at the Ball, we abandoned all the weeks of dance instruction and practice and just dance anyhow the way we felt like. Only 3 guys asked me to dance though... hubby, Joel--one of the youths, and little Christopher (well actually with Christopher, it was more like a half dance with him between me and hubby)... but they were all great partners and I had fun time!

So here we are with 10 years behind us as a church... but the best is yet to come--so here's to another 10 years!!!

More photos of the ball on my multiply site >>here

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