Friday, September 21, 2007

Fun House

Extract from conversation after O2 Youth while we were organising transport for the youths...

Alvin: You and Meng How are sending me home right?

Me: Yes, that's right

Ling: And me too!

Alvin: Oh, cool! We get to sit in Meng How's car together... hey Meng How, I like your car you know!

Meng How: Uh, thanks.

Ling: And you can send me home last... send Alvin home first...

Me: Don't worry Ling, we can send you home first... it's not a problem

Ling: No! Pleeeease... send me home last.... pretty pleeeeease...

Me: *Confused* Why? Don't you want to go home and rest?

Benj: Hey, why you kids always don't wanna go home, hah???

Alvin: Haiya... last time when you were guys were young [hmmm... is he hinting something here?] I'm sure you guys always wanna go home as late as possible

Benj: No way, when I was young I always go straight home
to do my homework and sleep!

Ling and Alvin: YEAH RIGHT!!!

Me: OK, OK, OK... calm down everybody... fine, we'll drop Ling home last, no problem.

Ling: Yeeeeaaahhh!!!

Alvin: Eh, I have a better idea... why don't we just spend the night at Meng How and Serene's house!

Me: Ask Meng How.

Alvin: Meng How! Meng How! Can we sleep over at your house tonight??? Pleeeease...

Meng How: Caaan... but you didn't bring toothbrush or pyjamas... if you bring, then you can come.

Alvin: Alright then! Next week I will bring... then I can sleep over at your house!

Me (thinking to myself): Gosh, what are we getting ourselves into?

Alvin: Ling! You should come too! Meng How and Serene's house very fun one!

Me: Really? Why do you find it so fun?

Alvin: It's just fun lar! Got so many things to do... not like my house, so boring one! Trust me Ling, you must come... ask your mum if you can come

Ling: Sure, okay!

That's just a small preview of some of the 'excitement' we go through every Friday.

Anyway, in the end we made some arrangements for the kids to hang out at our house when their school holiday starts.

I felt quite happy to hear that someone really enjoyed hanging out at our place so much. And partly in a way, I am quite surprised too...

I've always wanted to have a nice house which I can craft into a beautiful home where friends and loved ones always feel welcome and feel at home. A place where I can extend hospitality to all kinds of guests and visitors.

However I sometimes feel I'm not really able to do that yet because I don't have my beautiful 'Martha Stewart' house with a lot of nice things... (like VUE kitchenware, Fisher & Paykel appliances, Wedgewood dining ware...) okaaay, a bit kuachang lar I know, but you get my drift....

But this conversation just reminded me again I don't need to have all that before I can start extending hospitality. In fact, I am already doing so right where I am. Which is simply opening our little home, our time, and our hearts to people around us. That's really all people need to feel at home in your house.

I feel so inspired --So tomorrow I shall wake up earlier to clean the house!

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  1. heehee, i am so tickled after reading the conversation by the youths. So funny and i kind of like their spontaneity and "brashness". You must have been a great company to them! Yup, i'm sure your house and new house- to-be will have the things you mention one by one and most of all also be filled with fun, laughter and warmth... isn't that heaven on earth? yeah =)


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