Sunday, August 19, 2007

What you do on the left, you do on the right...

It is 3pm on a chilly Sunday afternoon... and I am folding laundry and listening in amusement to the live teacher-student dialogue happening in front of me.

Today's topic: Simultaneous Equation

And more pearls of wisdom from Cikgu Yau...

"Maths is very easy to score full marks wan! Easier than most other subjects like English or Literature... because its either you know how to do it, or you don't know how... you can either get it right or wrong... there's no in between answers. So if you don't know, then find out how... and once you know, you will get the right answer!"

And hubby was very courageous to forbid the use of the calculator. In Australia, they let students use calculators even at Year 10 (equivalent to Form 3 in Malaysia). There was a bit of a struggle, but Cikgu Yau put his foot down...

"I don't believe students at your level need to use calculator... all the problems given are in nice round numbers... they will never give you funny numbers wan. So you should practice not using the calculator... you will train yourself to understand the concept more"

Then I heard something very similar to the familiar tune dad used to repeat to us when he was helping me and my brothers with our math back when we were in school...

"What you do on the left, you do on the right... what you do upstairs, you do downstairs"

Here is Cikgu Yau's version of the refrain...

"This is an equation... you must keep it in balance, so whenever you add or remove something on one side, you must keep the balance to make sure both sides are the same"


  1. my sil so hardworking and clever man !

  2. Meng How reminds me of your daddy. I remember sitting in the living room listening to a similar scenario enacted and thinking to myself :"Wow, if only I had a maths teacher like that, i would have scored in my spm maths!" Sigh! so now you know why I became an English Language teacher instead!

  3. technically speaking... if you scored in english/literature, you must be much smarter, afterall "its very easy to score in maths" right?


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