Friday, August 03, 2007

What I do for a living

It's now 4.19pm on bea-oooooooo-tiful (TGI) Friday. And I'm at my little office corner slaving away on a project which I thought was supposed to end this time 3 months ago.

One of the most tiring things about my work is to find different ways to phrase the same general point.

See if you can spot the difference (or similarities) between the following two points:

1. Resellers are the preferred mode of purchasing Vanilla Green Tea* in the Green Tea* Industry

2. 56% of respondents ranked resellers as their most preferred mode of buying Vanilla Green Tea*

*Due to confidentiality reasons, I had to replace this term with the first object I laid my eyes on

Seems easy enough eh? But when you have to go through over 50 pages of this, and 5 rounds of reviews with the client – the fun starts to dwindle just a wee little.

And the top three reasons why I do this?

#3. Because we need to present a different angle to the data (keep squeezing out different stories from the same data = so the clients get the most bang for their buck)

#2. Because we need to provide a bit of variety to the whole report (even though the only thing they'll ever read is the executive summary, and chuck out the rest of the report)

And the number one reason (plus one of my boss' favourite phrases)

#1. Because we need to tell 'em, keep tellin' 'em, and tell 'em again (and again!!! – knock it into their brains, bebeh!)

Well, this is again one of the few tiny peeks into the mysterious world of what I do for a living.

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