Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sarcastic boss

I. have. bronchitis.

(cower in corner as I whisper, "mummy please don't marah!")

And relax, it is NOT fatal. I was initially so panicky when the doctor told me the diagnosis. I worriedly asked if it was serious. She blinked at me in confusion and just told me in a matter of fact tone to take the antibiotics she prescribed to clear up the infection.

Later I lamented to 1C and Cherrie (both pharmacists) of my plight. "Will my lungs be forever weakened and sensitive?" and both of them were just like "pffft! don't be silly lar!"

Anyway, they all insisted I took the next day off as well. But I said I couldn't, my boss will give my that tak percaya kinda look (you see how us employees tremble in fear at our boss). Plus I already took 3 days off a few weeks ago for a bad case of cough and flu. But later that night, hubby just told to take another day so I can just quickly recover.

So the next morning I called in and spoke to my boss. What can he say, if I'm really sick he can't force me to come in anyway. But he can make me feel guilty about it by adding a sting at the end with a biting remark like "so I suppose the doctor prescribed for you to stay at home and watch shitty TV all day!"... super sarcastic man! I didn't know how to respond initially... in the end I just mumbled some simple reply that I'll need to get some sleep and rest.

Anyway... enough about my lame boss. Don't want to talk about him anymore. Makes me so annoyed just to think of him.

Guess what? The doctor also prescribed one of those puffer things (similar to the ones used by asthmatics) to open up my lung airways so I can cough up the phlegm easier.

It's very cute.

This is what it looks like with the cap removed.

I never used one of these before, so at the pharmacy as the pharmacist was showing me how to use it, I was asking all sorts of questions to make sure I know how to suck in the powder into my lungs properly.

Going off now to take a "puff"!

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