Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More about cats

Our white fluffy friend dropped by for another visit

Super 'teh' one this cat... as I was fiddling for my keys to unlock the door, it was rapturously rubbing its head and body against my leg... exuding all sorts of fancy purrs.

It made me think of Sebastian from my Nottingham days where I used to live as a student. He was the next door neighbour's cat. I can't remember why we started calling it Sebastian. At least I called it Sebastian. My housemates usually refer to it as THE CAT or THAT CAT.

Sebastian was a big black cat with white socks... and for some strange reason, developed a liking for hanging out on our front door mat. For that he received a lot of verbal abuse when an unfortunate housemate almost trips over him each time they walk out the front door. I was usually kinder and greeted him with a very manja "meow... well hello there Sebastian!"

His other favourite resting place was on the bonnet of my housemate's car - he would usually hop on it right after she came home when the car engine was still warm... I'm certain it must be very comfortable, especially in winter. My housemate seemed to be very exasperated by this habit and we would usually hear her complains of how the stupid cat was sitting on her car AGAIN!

Of all my housemates, I think poor Sebastian fell out of sorts the worst with Audz. One fine day, he somehow managed to sneak into our house. It must have been cold outside and the poor cat was just trying to find a nice warm corner to curl up in. And that place happened to be... Audrey's bed! We had arrived home from dinner or shopping or something like that, and Audz went into her room to put her stuff down and then suddenly we heard a scream... and then a black streak raced past us straight for the door. Both parties must have scared the wits out of each other. Audz was NOT pleased and never quite forgave the "stupid cat" to this day.

Cats... not my favourite animal, but they can be interesting sometimes.

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