Monday, August 06, 2007

Inspirational Teacher

On Sunday afternoon, hubby had his first tuition session with his young math student (a youth in our church who needed extra coaching in math).

Today's topic was on Factorisation.

I sat in the living room to do some ironing while hubby and the kid sat at the dining table... and I just eavesdropped every now and then to listen to hubby explaining the concepts and tricks on how to do factorisation.

I must admit that hubby is a ver very very patient teacher. There were some moments where it would have been just easier to strangle the kid.

The disappointing thing about the kid is that it's not that he just doesn't know how to apply the formula, but he's quite lazy to use his brain.

At every step, he will turn to hubby and say "I don't know how to do this!" or "So what next?". Hubby had to really exercise self control to retain the same steady voice and just push him to the next step.

Reminds me of a stubborn donkey, where the person just needs to keep pushing the donkey... step, by step, by step, by step...

Hubby even had to go back to basic to showing the kid how to tell is a number can be factorised by another... painfully going through his multiplication tables step by step. Ouch! Painful right?

And sadly, the kid likes to say things like "I'm just too stupid!". We chided him for saying that. Hubby said very strongly, "You are NOT stupid. If you were stupid, you wouldn't be in Year 10, you would still be in Year 9, or even Primary School. The fact that you made it to Year 10 means that you passed your Year 9 exams and proved that you were ready to move up to the next grade. You will never be made to learn something that is impossible for you. This is something you ARE capable of!"

Wah! So inspirational hor?

After the tuition, hubby's nerves were a little grated. But he bore it well. Hopefully we can get a few more kids to form a small group. Otherwise the tension of the one-to-one sessions might be just too much to bear.

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