Monday, August 06, 2007

I hope you decide to stay

*contented sigh*

Our Sunday was packed to the brim.

It was another special event Sunday, being Freshies Welcome. This is a landmark event for our church every semester. It's an opportunity to throw our 'fishing net' to reach out to new students on campus.

It was a great service... there was a drama, choir performance, dance performance... building up to our pastor's message about 'Relationships'. After the message, his punchline was "In life its not about what you know, but who you know... So do you know the great who of heaven and earth?"... I think it must have been quite impactful to quite a number of people...

I happened to sit next to a girl who didn't seem to know anyone. She was sobbing during the prayer time after the message. So I approached her to offer her a tissue and prayed for her. I hope that whatever that impacted her in the message stays with her. From what I gather during the conversation I had with her afterwards, she is sort of a backslider who used to attend church back in Subang, but ever since she came to Perth earlier this year, she hasn't really made an effort to find a church. I said to her, "I really hope you decide to stay and hope to see you around" and left her with a couple of student leaders to continue chatting with her.

It was a good reminder that it is for these people that we do all this for.

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