Thursday, August 09, 2007

Busy? Yeah right...

When it rains, it pours!

My entries are usually churned in inconsistent batches. So since I have some time, I might as well get a few thoughts out there.

(Way better than SOME people in Singapura and in Newie... *shameless hint* who need to open the window into their lives a little bit more often)

I was just thinking of the many things I had to do. And was almost tempted to use a forbidden word: "Busy". But realised how inadequate I am to use it.

Not referring to anyone specific here or to any recent incident (really, I am not!) but do you ever encounter people who just love to throw this word around too casually:


I do not like that word.

I may resort to using it occasionally. But if I do, I always try to make sure I really mean it.

Yah, you very busy lar... so everyone else not busy izzit? Only you busy har? So the rest of us are just bumming around, that's why we have so much free time for ministry, events, catch ups, cell group etc.

Not trying to be condescending. But this one thing that really annoys me. I was particularly annoyed when I was chatting with this youth, and I casually asked why he was not joining or helping out in something, and he was so quick to reply "I'm very busy lar".

Busy??? You don't even know the meaning of the word. I know so many more people who are way more 'busier' than you and I. They work, serve in ministry, hold leadership roles, have family to look after, juggling multiple responsibilities... yet I still see them around... never MIA... still have time for a quick catch up with friends, still able to join in and help out.

These people are way better than me. I humbly look up to them because I know I myself am at the bottom of the rung and still have lot more growing to do myself.

That's only an example.

But I think you know what I mean. The person just doing his usual 9 to 5 job. Yeah, maybe he's got some studies to cope with... and yeah maybe he's got some 'stuff' to take care of...

Some of these people I've met before in various places I've lived in still live with their parents or with some family. They don't even have to worry about housework, or laundry, or food.

Puh-leeez... GROW UP! Don't be so pathetic, can?

P.S. I myself am not perfect. I'm not trying to be condescending. Merely pointing to examples of the people I look up to, those who truly have the right to say they are busy, yet do not. So who am I to resort to make lame excuses. I'm still on my journey.

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