Friday, July 20, 2007

Shopping? Not me...

FAQs about my trip to Sydney:
1. Did you go shopping?
2. What did you buy?

1. Yes
2. Nothing

Actually not exactly nothing. I bought a grey winter coat, but then decided to return it the next day, because it wasn't the exact colour I wanted, it wasn't the precise size for me, and it wasn't on sale anyway.

Size is always an issue for me when shopping in Aussie land. Which is why I never have satisfying shopping expeditions here. Size 8 seems to be a myth here. It is honestly frustrating to only be able to shop once a year, and that is only if we happen to stop by Singapore on holiday.

Hubby on the other hand, got a big kick out of getting DVD Box Sets 4, 5 and 6 of the Transformers cartoon series... completing his entire Transformers series...

To top it off, a couple of weeks after we returned from Sydney, while waiting for me to meet him at Carousel, he wandered into the Sanity store and got the complete series for Knights of the Zodiac...

Super pampered hubby man!
(While I freeze my pants off in this cold Aussie winter)

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