Monday, July 30, 2007

More pics of our favourite little somebody...

We were at Ronald and Diana's house to get our haircut and have dinner. Yes, a haircut - we know a hairdresser who does house visits.

Christopher after his haircut (which was 6 months overdue!)

For dinner, we had this very interesting dish called 'Golden Pillow'. It's basically chicken curry cooked inside a big bun. Very nice! Apparently it originate in Singapore, but one of our church members learnt how to cook it, so we tarpau-ed a couple of them from him.

After dinner, it was play time!

Chrisopher's latest trick: Jump so high, up in the sky!!!


For some reason, some people seem to be surprised that hubby gets along with kids so well. Why should it be surprising? He likes children very much lar--his favourite now being Christopher.

Anyway, again we had a tearful parting when it was time to say good-bye. This time he wanted to follow us 'home' and bawled when we tried to explain to him that he was already home. Sigh, hard to tell if it was 'us' that he was really attached to or whether he was thinking of 'koko's special car'. Hubby was starting to get concerned that Christopher might start to remember the sad memories of our good-byes more than the happy play times. OH NO!!!

Anyway, seeing Christopher cry each time is so heartbreaking. I can understand how some parents might be so tempted to give in to their children and spoil them. But I believe it takes more strength to resist the 'flesh' of giving in to your child's tears, and instead focus on the bigger picture of developing his/her character.

Well, all happy times must end Christopher. But remember that there are always more happy times to come!

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